The Parkspot Experience

A modern parking infrastructure built from the ground up for a mobile world.

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How It Works


Accept all Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express with competitive pricing and no long-term commitments.


Manage and communicate with all your employees regardless of whether you manage one location or one thousand locations.


Empower managers and employees with the information and system to provide an automated personal experience to your customers.

Included With Parkspot

Parking operators have long been subject to high hardware costs, installation fees, and maintenance contracts. Parkspot aims to change that model completely with a software solution built for the cost conscious operator.

iPhone / iPad
Point of Sale
Mobile Payments
Employee Accounts

Payment Processing

Parkspot is backed by leaders in the web and mobile processing world to ensure full PCI-compliance and the security of your customers information from swipe to processing. All Parkspot card readers are encrypted upon swipe to ensure security.

Per swipe

Transparent pricing with competitive payment processing rates, no-long term commitments, and certainty around collections.

Two-day payouts

Parkspot deposits your funds directly into your bank account within two business days, so operators can efficiently manage working capital.

All major credit cards and mobile payments

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express with no escrow or additional banking fees. In addition, accept mobile payments without having to pay expensive sales commissions.

No commitments, minimums or surprises
  • • No sign up fees
  • • No activation fees
  • • No cancellation fees
  • • No maintenance contracts
  • • No monthly fees
  • • No refund fees


Access Control

Replace systems that control your gates, keyfobs, and payment processing with a unified integrated platform built to be open to third-party providers.
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Activity Feed

Create a historical database of information regarding everything that happens at a location from new employees joining, customer complaints, accident reports and inventory.

Sales Reporting + Analytics

Quickly identify your busiest days and adjust employee staffing accordingly to optimize profits by location.

Multi-location Management

Track sales activity and manage employees across all your locations with a simple and unified platform.

Mobilize and Reward Your Staff

Get extra credit card readers and enable employees to accept payments at special events or from a particularly busy venue. Employees earn tips and rewards for every transaction and data-driven performance.

Powered by Parkspot

Establish a mobile presence with your own mobile applications "powered by Parkspot" that integrate seamlessly from payments to auditing.

iOS and Android

Create a branded mobile application for your daily and monthly customers to connect with your company.

Custom Integration

Create custom solutions to integrate third-party solutions with “powered by Parkspot” that address such things manage payroll, scheduling, and auditing.


Valpark utilized the "powered by Parkspot" to create a unique and personal experience for their customers and parking operators.
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