"As an avid valet customer, I grew tired of the impersonal experience and headaches I would constantly deal with from payment to having to wait 15-20 minutes for my car at the end of a great social event."

The Concept

With any night out, parking is the first and last impression you have at a restaurant, hotel, or lounge. This experience should foster the same level of service you had while in the restaurant, but todays parking industry only views their customers as a ticket number. ValPark was founded by, Wayne Johnson, with the goal to create a personal end-to-end experience that was simple, personal, and efficient.

Sounds like a simple goal, right? However, in an industry plagued by legacy systems and difficult employees it became evident that a consumer application as a one-pronged approach wouldn’t work successfully. Wayne went out searching for an enterprise solution that could provide a flexible backend to power our application so that we could focus on providing the greatest experience.

The “Powered by Parkspot” API provided the mobile enterprise tools and APIs to quickly develop a consumer app that addressed reservations, payments and vehicle requests in a unique and simple solution. No longer would customers have to go to the ATM for cash as they now would have the option to pay with credit card or ValPark. We accomplished our goal of making valet parking as simple as driving up to your destination and using your name to pay.

Building The Product

Phase 1: Branding

Wayne approached the ValPark redesign with the simplicity, elegance, and luxury as the core principles. Leveraging black and gold as the core colors, because everyone associates the colors with luxury and style. Following modern trends, the style guide eliminated all shadow effects and focused on a simple modern design aesthetic.

ValPark evaluated many font options, but Avenir and Open Sans stood out as the best representatives of a casual elegance that the Company wanted to represent in their app and the user experience as they pulled up to the attendant.

ValPark was challenged to create a distinguishable brand that maintains the simplicity of the user experience we conceptual wanted to create. The resulting style guide maintains the limited use of color to highlight important elements and the modern typography of Avenir and Open Sans Regular.

Old Interface vs New Interface

Phase 2: User Experience Design

Our user experience was centered around the principal of an in-pocket experience so that the customer would only need to say their name to pay for parking. We identified the three main features (reserve, pay, retrieve) of the app and focused on simplifying these elements to the core experience. The goal was not to create an app with a long list of features but rather a real-life experience that was simple, personal, and elegant.

All traditional conventions were examined including the user’s account creation, profile settings, security, payment, reservation timing, vehicle retrieval, and user interaction. If an element was deemed unnecessary for the core experience, it was disregarded from the design process.

The resulting app feature list means the user experience is both simple and fast for day-to-day use. A user can create an account in less than 30 seconds, reserve parking, and pay with just their name – all without having to interact with an app.

Phase 3: Development

Once we had an idea of the app’s feature list, Parkspot was able to utilize our enterprise platform to deliver an experience focused on reservation, payment, and retrieval. The resulting app was designed around providing the user with ‘soft’ personal touches like notifications upon arriving at their destination, payment using their name, and retrieving their vehicle to avoid the long lines.

The overall process from concept to development only took four weeks, but the resulting product has all the core features for demanding users and the enterprise infrastructure to support parking operators.

Finished Product

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